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Two Librarians Share Their Favorite Spanish-Language Small Presses

By Sara Lissa Paulson and Lucia Cedeira Serantes | Mar 24, 2016

Two Librarians Share Their Favorite Spanish-Language Small Presses

As the Spanish-speaking population of the United States grows and the attendant need for Spanish language books increases, it is timely to look at the diversity of Spanish-speaking publishing, especially the work of small presses. Through these publishers, U.S. readers can experience the experimental, intriguing, playful new voices and artistic styles coming out of Latin America and Spain. Here, two librarians share compelling work from Hispanic independent presses, literacy organizations, and governmental programs.


Smaller countries like Uruguay have also created relevant and unique titles. Más Pimienta! publishes titles like Regreso a Casa (2013), which addresses domestic violence and the ensuing confusion of emotions told from the point of view of a child.

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